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Reecey Boi



Reece Neyland aka Reecey Boi is a new generation DJ with an old skool attitude. His talent is deep seated in his basslines and meters; his sets armed with a deliberate movement that takes his dancefloor through a progressive ride, simultaneously showcasing exceptional musicianship and production techniques.

Drawing heavily upon his studies with SAE, Reece is a progressive electronic experimentalist, carefully manipulating sounds into fine musical textures and structures. His North Queensland roots have served as sturdy foundations to taking upon the music world, seeing him accept booth duties in Queensland’s premier music festivals River Sessions, Creamfields and Future Music Festival, and supporting the nation’s electronic greats in clubs across the East Coast of Australia. In a desert sonicsphere, his quest for the truth in music and distinction in his sound has bought him to the attention of Australia’s crème-de-la-crème in the electronic industry. His versatility and consistency marks him as a worthy warmup or closing DJ for bands and headliners, while his original productions, DJing techniques and self-esteem sees him hold his own as a solo performer.

As an elite artist DJ, Reece continues to represent his serious intentions as a driving musical force in Australia’s electronic soundscape. Shabang Records acknowledges his composition efforts with Central Station Records, Phethouse Record and Effectz Recording all giving the nod to his remixing abilities. Reece treads a path of enlightenment: uncovering the mysteries of music while exposing the magic of the electro enigma. In his electronic quest, Reece draws upon profound basslines and soaring drops to successfully strike the mark between dancefloor integrity and introspective musicianship. The dancefloor is his globe and the booth his bag of tricks. From the turntables to the CDJs, on the radio, behind the mixing desk or in the studio, Reecey Boi ultimately blends for the dancefloor. Club electro is his specialty, funk and tech the palettes he paints with while big room house is the frame for his sets. Reecey Boi will take you on a unique expedition of dancefloor trips, exclusive edits, meticulous remixes and original tracks.


Agency: self managed


The artist

Nationality: Australian

Resident in: Brisbane