Volf Yunge

Volf Yunge


Tim Welch (aka. Volf Yunge) is a former opera singer, professional NYC/NJ vocal instructor and husband to Broadway “Phantom of the Opera” performer Elizabeth Welch. Tim launched his alter ego electronic music project “Volf Yunge” in January 2015 with the song “Doors.” Previous to launching this solo project, Tim was the full-time songwriter and producer for the NYC indie synthpop band “Sojourn Society.”

The music for “Volf Yunge” falls in the genre of indie dance and although he has been considered sonic neighbors with “Hot Chip” and “Caribou,” his sound draws on a wide range of unique vocals, self created samples, and deep emotional content giving it his unique sound.–

Tim is honored to have his first two tracks for “Volf Yunge” signed to Hi-Tech Records Label but is open to collaborate with additional labels on future releases. In addition to label consideration, Tim is excited to pursue the synchronization of his compositions with TV and film for not only this project but for his complete catalog of compositions which include 17 songs he created for his synthpop band “Sojourn society” as well as his other compositions located here.


Agency: Tim Welch