You Got To Realise

You Got To Realise

Label: Hi-Tech Records

Release date: 2012-12-10

Catalog number: HTR017

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> You Got To Realise (Original Mix)
> You Got To Realise (EVERTO Remix)
Everto, L D R U

Prepare yourself. Although not our usually tech style we feel its a push in the right direction. This release is absolutely amazing.

You may remember L D R U from his “It’s Showtime” release which 6 months of is still being be played in clubs Australia wide.

This time he is back with a chilled trap style track that you will find hard not to get stuck in your head. Everto on remix duties turn this into a trap bad boy with more gangster then you can handle. The release has already picked up interest from various radio stations & Dj’s all over the country.